LSC links with marine insurers GJW

just to update you. LSC now has an agreement with insurers GJW.
GJW will give LSC 10% of any policy sold either online or by phone when a special code number is added. This is available from me or at the club.
But as an extra benefit they will pay 10% to LSC on all future renewals as well. So, if you are already insured with GJW if you could (and don’t mind) send me (Phil)¬†your policy number, I can get it added to our account and any renewal you do in the future will earn LSC some money.
GJW will insure virtually any craft, including yachts, dinghies, powerboats, windsurfers, kayaks and jetskis (unfortunately not hovercraft)
Leaflets with all the details on are available from the clubhouse (actually in our newly licensed bar!)
Using the code for new policies or letting me have your policy number for existing customers will not cost you any extra.
We hope as this business relationship develops that there will be other benefits to the club such as sponsored events etc.
Any details you send to me will only be shared with GJW